Asus rilascia un nuovo aggiornamento per il ZenFone 2 con ben 43 correzioni

Ancora un altro aggiornamento per la gamma Zenfone 2 che va a correggere un numero davvero alto di bug trovati sia grazie alle segnalazioni, sia grazie al lavoro di Asus. Il nuovo aggiornamento ha come numero di versione la V2.19.40.18_20150612 e vede ben 43 correzioni.

Il peso è di meno di 100MB e come potete vedere dall’elenco a seguire, tanti sono i miglioramenti:

  • 1 Update phone APN version to 105.
  • 2 Update Houdini 5.0.2
  • 3 Fixed camera can not open sometimes when using zenflash
  • 4 Improve volume of recording video will increase and decrease alternately.
  • 5 Do not config Routing.Configure.HWCodec.Playback.Mixers.Headset when using FM.
  • 6 Fixed some BLE device can not auto reconnect
  • 7 Improve service stability
  • 8 Improve modem stability from crash
  • 9 Improve call stability
  • 10 Improve signal bar stability for sim 2
  • 11 Quick Settings: Change “Reading Mode” button as “Bluelight filter”
  • 12 Improve SysteM UI stability and modify Japanese strings
  • 13 Improve lockscreen UI and stability
  • 14 Fix Homescreen Wallpaper randomly lost previous settings and half black screen issue
  • 15 Snap View-add reset Snap View password function
  • 16 Fix Contacts search failure issue when default language was set as HK Chinese
  • 17 Improve Auto start manager stability and fix FB broadcast issue
  • 18 Improve Task Manager UI and rotation stability
  • 19 Fix calculator stability issue and UI bug under Quick Memo App
  • 20 Improve Launcher and Multi user stability from System and framework
  • 21 Fix Google Voice incoming call source issue and the failure to change to Google Voice number
  • 22 Fix the issue that miss call counts failed to disappear on home when Multi user
  • 23 Improve File Manager stability
  • 24 Add ASUS ZenUI PC Suite
  • 25 Fix all touch gestures to be enabled when change back to owner mode
  • 26 Fix ASUS Browser issue
  • 27 Fix the issue that Audio Wizard cannot be launched when turn off BT
  • 28 3rd party app update
  • 29 Update touch FW
  • 30 Update JP IME ATOK to v 1.0.1
  • 31 Modify Japanese strings in Power Saver App
  • 32 Fixed turn on the camera must unlock by using zenmotion issue
  • 33 Fixed an error message shows up after removing privacy mode and adding new user immediately issue.
  • 34 Fixed wallpaper needs to have second clicks for reaction issue.
  • 35 Fixed built-in browser features a new incognito window has no effect issue.
  • 36 Fixed close contacts shows other programs issue.
  • 37 Fixed built-in calendar Click settings will flash issue.
  • 38 Fixed ringtones into vibrate mode when the camera is off camera sounds issue.
  • 39 Fixed volume keys to adjust the ring abnormaliy issue.
  • 40 Fixed wallpaper Figure has been broken issue.
  • 41 Fixed after the system optimization, message management have stopped running issue.
  • 42 Add Battery charging ready reminder feature.
  • 43 Enable FM Radio for Turkey

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