Asus rilascia un nuovo corposo aggiornamento per ZenFone 2

Ancora un altro aggiornamento di Asus per la gamma Zenfone 2 il quale contiene un corposo changelog che va a correggere numerosi bug.Il nuovo aggiornamento, che conferma la cura e dedizione che asus sta impiegando in questo dispositivo con numerosi aggiornamenti eco erezioni, ha come numero di versione la V2.19.40.20_20150623 e vede ben 47 correzioni. Un continuo fix di bug, minori fortunatamente, anche se la versione Android non cambia.

Di seguito tutto il changelog completo :

1 Fix the issue that sometimes HDR mode resolution will have green line.

2 Improve the video recording quality.

3 Improve Power saver stability and fix WIFI connect state issue in advanced settings

4 Improve Auto Start Manager stability and fix the App continuous pushed notification issue after restricting its auto start

5 Fix notice shows up while the first message comes only issue

6 Improve signal bar stability for sim 2

7 Update phone APN version to 105.

8 Update Houdini 5.0.2

9 Fixed camera can not open sometimes when using zenflash

10 Improve volume of recording video will increase and decrease alternately.

11 Do not config Routing.Configure.HWCodec.Playback.Mixers.Headset when using FM.

12 Fixed some BLE device can not auto reconnect

13 Improve service stability

14 Improve modem stability from crash

15 Improve call stability

16 Quick Settings: Change “Reading Mode” button as “Bluelight filter”

17 Improve SysteM UI stability and modify Japanese strings

18 Improve lockscreen UI and stability

19 Fix Homescreen Wallpaper randomly lost previous settings and half black screen issue

20 Snap View: add reset Snap View password function

21 Fix Contacts search failure issue when default language was set as HK Chinese

22 Improve Auto start manager stability and fix FB broadcast issue

23 Improve Task Manager UI and rotation stability

24 Fix calculator stability issue and UI bug under Quick Memo App

25 Improve Launcher and Multi user stability from System and framework

26 Fix Google Voice incoming call source issue and the failure to change to Google Voice number

27 Fix the miss call issue when it is in multi-user mode.

28 Improve File Manager stability

29 Add ASUS ZenUI PC Suite

30 Fix all touch gestures to be enabled when change back to owner mode

31 Fix ASUS Browser issue

32 Fix the issue that Audio Wizard cannot be launched when turn off BT

33 3rd party app update

34 Update touch FW

35 Update JP IME ATOK to v 1.0.1

36 Modify Japanese strings in Power Saver App

37 Fixed turn on the camera must unlock by using zenmotion issue

38 Fixed an error message shows up after removing privacy mode and adding new user immediately issue.

39 Fixed wallpaper needs to have second clicks for reaction issue.

40 Fixed built-in browser features a new incognito window has no effect issue.

41 Fixed close contacts shows other programs issue.

42 Fixed built-in calendar Click settings will flash issue.

43 Fixed ringtones into vibrate mode when the camera is off camera sounds issue.

44 Fixed volume keys to adjust the ring abnormaliy issue.

45 Fixed wallpaper Figure has been broken issue.

46 Fixed after the system optimization, message management have stopped running issue.

47 Add Battery charging ready reminder feature.