Nova Launcher si aggiorna al Material Design

Finalmente esce dalla beta e diventa disponibile per tutti gli utenti : stiamo parlando della nuova versione in Material Design di Nova Launcher, il più famoso launcher sul Play Store.

La nuova versione di Nova Launcher è stata battezzata dagli stessi sviluppatori come #Materinova , proprio ad indicare il cambio radicale avuto per tutte le implementazioni in pieno stile Material introdotto da Google con Android Lollipop.

Ecco a voi il changelog completo dell’aggiornamento :

  • Full Material Design
  • Google Search from the search bar shows as an overlay
  • Edit Shortcut dialog, and quick menu, tinted based on colors of the icon
  • New icon
  • New Nova Action icons
  • Rebased on top of Launcher3
  • Individual icon layout settings (size, font, etc) in Desktop, Drawer, Dock, Folder
  • Max icon size boosted to 150%
  • Widget Search
  • Circular App animations (Settings > Look and Feel > App Animation > Circle)
  • Pull to search (pull down in the drawer to open app or widget search)
  • Widgets given their own drawer, removed from App Drawer
  • Ability to change Page Indicator color
  • Drawer Tab Bar completely optional
  • Support for Android for Work managed profiles (Lollipop)
  • Workaround Expand Notifications Nova Action not working on Samsung Lollipop
  • Requires Android 4.1 or higher (Dropped support for Android 4.0 ICS)
  • Unlimited desktop pages (previously limited to 9)
  • Add/remove of desktop pages by dropping icons on the blank page, or removing all icons from a page
  • Add blank desktop pages (for gestures or live wallpapers) from overview
  • Improved bulk edit of folders (Folder > Menu > Select Apps)
  • Added shadows to unread badges
  • Unread Badge size scales with icon size
  • Allow reordering drawer folders by drag/drop within window
  • Added Roboto-Medium font option
  • Improve handling of apps installed to sdcard

Nova Launcher materinova